Hang gliding World Masters 2013

HANGGLIDING WORLD MASTERS 2013: FAI/CIVL Class 1 & 5 Cat II Championship.
June 23rd – 29th 2013 Loc. Garna, Pieve D’Alpago / Belluno / Italy

Delta Club Dolada  is more than happy to organize the 2013 International
meeting for hang gliding pioneers and veterans.

Photo Gallery 2012
2012 More photos/videos
Championship’s regulation: HG World Masters 2013
Flyzone’s waypoints: DOLADA_WAYPOINTS_2013
Pre-registration form: HG WM 2013 – Iscrizioni
Maps and documents: a .zip containing:
– displayed Waypoints (on Google Earth)
– waipoints that can be imported in WayPointPlanner
– guidelines (in italian) for WayPointPlanner use.
Boe.ods/.xls list, with Waypiont descriptions (just for waypoints that are reported on Google Earth or WayPointPlanner)
A map, boe.pdf, printable in A3 format.